Financial markets have gained a new insight after the changes worldwide. Everything has digitalized so the way of trading has also been digitalized. Investing in these financial markets leads and individual to earn more as compared to any other thing. Financial markets are quite risky so it is always advisable to invest through brokers if you are new to enter this market.

About Etfinance

ETFinance is an intermediator to deal with in the financial market. It is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and headquartered in Cyprus. It helps ambitious people to invest in the financial market safely and securely. It has helped people believe that they can change their financial position with the help of investing in the ever-changing markets. They offer a different trading experience to their customers as they provide all the required knowledge and tool for building a financial future. ETFinance provides a very good platform where an investor can invest in capital effectively and efficiently. They provide various services as acting intermediator and charge a very minimal amount in response to these services.  There is a list of the number of services provided by them to their clients which makes them different from others. These services provided are as follows:

  1. Products: They offer a huge variety of products one can deal with. A large list of products of financial markets is offered by them to make the investment profitable. These products are Assets, Metals, Forex, Indices, stocks, commodity, CFD, cryptocurrency and ETFs.
  2. Trading: One can trade through various means. ETFinance makes sure that an individual gets the best platform for trading purposes. It makes sure that their clients get the best and optimal trading option. Three options are available under trade option they are as follows:
  3. Webtrader: With web trader lot of user-friendly services are provided by the ETFiance that keeps their customers for fronted as compared to others. This awareness makes their client up to date regarding the market changes happening. Under web traders the services provided are as follows:
  • 24-hour availability: One can easily access the global market anytime and anyday between Monday to Friday. An upto date information is available that too 24*7 hour to their clients.
  • Demo account: They provide these unique services in the form of a demo account. To make the clients familiar with the way market behaves they offer an option of demo account for a week or two. This provides them the platform before actually investing in the financial market and they get equipped with dealing with these markets.
  • Helpful analysis: They provide you with a lot of information regarding the markets. This allows them to take any decision considering all the factors in their mind.
  • Simple navigation and orientation: One can check the real-time prices, list of tradable assets and analyze the graphs and charts with just a single click. All these options make an individual feel that they are all getting all that is required by them.
  1. Metatrader 4: They provide an award-winning trading platform to their clients. This platform is proffered by all the beginners and the experienced one. Various types of trading tools and features have made this platform the required one. This platform is also user-friendly and provides various services:
  • Trading signals: here all the deals which are made successfully by the traders and experts are replicated. One gets to know about the trading strategies and portfolio. One can choose these experts and follow their path also.
  • Mobile trading: One can easily do these trading using phones. There is a platform available for both iOS and Android. All kinds of feature are available on mobiles also which make the transaction easy and secure.
  • Security and protection: All the accounts of the clients are secured by Cybersecurity and encryption techniques for all the data shared between user and server.
  • Mobile App: all the things required for trade is available on mobile also. ETFinance has made is easy to do trade. The action can be taken at any time and anyday easily. The mobile application is easily downloadable and easy to use.
  1. Education: all knowledge regarding the financial markets is provided by ETFinance. They have different sources for this one can go for webinars, economic calendar, earning calendar, articles, EBook, courses, tutorials and VOD. This all is a great source of knowledge regarding financial marketing and also regarding the price.
  2. Legal aspect: They have followed all the rules and regulations. a proper license is maintained by them provided by the Cyprus commission. This makes them trustworthy. GDPR was created by them to protect people regarding personal data. In addition to this, all the legal documents are maintained by them like the KYC guide, pillar III report, cookie policy and many more.

All the services provided by them make ETFinance EU appropriated to act as an intermediator for you. Anyone who is investing through them is like working like professionals.