FinexArena is a leading the foreign exchange trading platform of today. They are the ones who provide a trading platform to all the private and institutional investors. They provide excellent trade experience in terms of security, features, user-friendliness, education, and tools. Their vision is to provide them the best way for investment purposes so that one can gain maximum benefits from it. They are the brokers who charge a very minimal amount for the services provided by them. In addition to all, they have professional experts who have knowledge f the market who help the clients to invest. The experts in derivatives and risk management make them more professional to be dealt with. They are worth to be trusted as intermediator as they always advise at the right time one can make an investment or withdraw from the market. Benefits of using FinexArena are as follows:

  1. Good platform: FinexArena provides a good platform where one can trade into the financial market. They do not need any type of software before investing in the market. Also, they have a user-friendly and intuitive trading platform. Many services are provided by the under this platform like:
  • Quick trading
  • High-speed execution
  • Social trade networking
  • Real-time quotes without any delay
  • All types of orders with limits
  • Simple and userfriendly interface for all requirements
  1. Privacy policy: they follow proper privacy policy regarding the details of the individual. Privacy is the top of the priorities for them. Here they collect all the information regarding their website users and keep it undercover as nobody gets to know about it under their privacy policy. They have security measures and encryption systems due to which they are easy to visit at their website. All the transaction made on their website is safe and secure and under a protocol. There is no chance that someone ends up trading at some other’s name as all the information regarding the client is collected and verified.
  • KYC policy: They have to know your policy like any financial institution. This policy helps them to prevent any kind of identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering, and terrorist activity. They have zero tolerance fraud policy and take all the required measures to protect it. They take prevention regarding any type of account information and transaction taking place. Also, all the documents regarding the clients are taken and verification is done side by side. This makes them to handle only reliable and actual clients. In addition, this increases their base a reliable broker.
  1. AML policy: Anti-money laundering policy is one of the policies which is there with FinexArena. They follow the guidelines mentioned by the UK’s joint money laundering steering group. As the UK is a fulltime member of FATF they have actual guidelines regarding money laundering. They take all the measures to protect their clients from money frauds.
  2. Withdrawal policy: They provide a lot of withdrawal options to their clients. Before making withdrawal permission is granted by them. One can contact FinexArena via phone, fax, email, or personally regarding the withdrawal request.
  3. Refund policy: FinexArena provides Refund. Any client whoever wants to Makes investment only needs to deposit money and that too from one source. One account should be maintained and in the country where one belongs. If any kind of refund is needed then it only takes 2 to 32 business days for proceeding.

Types Of Accounts That Are Available By Finexarena

  1. Silver account: If any individual wants to open this account should have a minimum deposit of 250$. They provide EBook under this account and academy access.
  2. Gold account: In this account, a minimum deposit should be 1000$ and the maximum would be $4999. In this account also an option of EBook is available and academy access. However, one thing here is account manager manages it.
  3. Platinum account: In this account, an amount between 5000$ to 34999$ can be deposited. But it is a platinum account so there are many services which are an add on like EBook, academy access, trading signals, expert analyst trading sessions, no withdrawal fee and many more. The senior account manager maintains this account. A bonus of up to 100% is provided here. In addition to all this here, the interest-bearing account option is there for consolidated profit.
  4. Diamond account: This is the account with a maximum deposit. It also provides a lot of services extra from the platinum account. A minimum deposit of 35000$ is required here. Also in this full education package is provided. A premium contract option is also there. Senior account manager manages this account. A lot of withdrawal option is available under this and for this International, MasterCard is provided.

FinexArena is a very good platform if one wants to invest in the financial market. It provides a lot of services which make it worthwhile. In addition, to deal with the financial market along with Xtrade is like to work like professionals.