How Currency.Com Comes Into The Picture

There are many challenges that are being faced by the cryptocurrency holder. Less entrée to the regulated financial market is one of the hardships faced by the cryptocurrency holders especially; if they do not convert their crypto for flat. Due to these reasons, many investors cannot trade in liquid markets. These markets comprise of equities, commodities, and indices. And this is exactly where the exchange comes into play. can be defined in simple terms as a stage which allows any individual who has a lite coin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum to do trading with financial assets, indices, and commodities from the world’s largest firms.

What Is Currency.Com? can be defined as regulated tokenized securities which is the world’s first such trading platform. It permits its customers or traders to get a revelation to the fundamental market prices of the traditional assets. It can be done using cryptocurrencies or flat currencies as a guarantee. Now traders can trade in crypto and also get profit in crypto. Cryptocurrency margin trading is also being provided by the And there are 3 important cryptos which can be leveraged. And those 3 cryptos are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. It offers leverage up to 20X and has the objective to become one of the most overriding performers in the global financial market.

Tokenized Securities Meaning –

One of the options that the traders have is the web-based platform which they can use. But at the same time, there are also mobile applications like IOS and Android apps which have a similar working methodology. Now, there are many people who get confused with the concept of tokenized securities. Well, tokenized securities mean they are simply tokens that display the price of a fundamental asset which comprise of bonds, securities, and commodities. When the time comes for the investors to get profits or loss, at that time tokenized securities are very much equivalent to equities, bonds, derivatives, commodities and other financial instruments which are well known.

Issuing Tokens – is capable of issuing over 10,000 tokens which are attached to the prices of various assets in the global market. They will include various big firms like Apple, Amazon, and Coca-Cola. And indices will comprise of the following such as S &P 500, Dow Jones 30, Nasdaq 100, etc. Commodities included will be silver, gold, and Brent crude oil, etc. Whenever the customer does the trading, the customer will be provided with a token and it will track the price of the chosen instrument. This will allow the customer to expand their assortments without having the need to convert their crypto to flat.

Capital.Com – which is the partner company of provides the original liquidity prices. The prices are accessible and transparent through the blockchain grounded technology which promises the best prices. also provides a wide range of financial instruments which the traders can take the benefit of so that they can leverage their crypto holdings in traditional markets. Tokenized indices comprise of the following – One of the important parts of the traditional financial market is stock indices. Some of the latest indices are FTSE 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, Nasdaq, etc.

Tokenized Indices, Shares, Commodities & Govt. Bonds – offers the following kinds of indices they are as follows – CN50, NL25, EU50, FR40, US30, SP35, DE30, US500, US100, IT40. Tokenized shares of firms offered by are as follows – AT&T, Visa, Netflix, Tesla, Apple, Fiverr, Uber, Slack Technologies, NVIDIA, etc. In tokenized commodities, the trader can identify the prices of crude oil, gold, silver, natural gas, platinum, etc. as the permits the cryptocurrency holder to get entangled with worlds’ largest markets. In the case of tokenized government bonds, permits trading with only Belarusian government bonds.

Registration & Auditing –

The method of registration in is very simple yet the process is a thorough process. There is a detailed KYC procedure that the customer has to follow and fill up. is regulated by HTP i.e. Hi-Tech Park which does stringent scrutiny of everything even the minute details. The is audited by Emst& Young. It also complies with Anti-Money Laundering policies and regulations to protect the interest of the investors. Funds are deposited in the wallet section, which you will find on the website of

Tokenized Securities Trading –

The process of withdrawal is also very simple. You will be required to do a bank transfer in case of flat currencies. If you have used a bank card to deposit then you can use that method even for the withdrawal. Tokenized securities trading on is pretty much similar with that of the cryptocurrency trading or trading any traditional assets on any exchange which is digital in nature. Traders can choose whether they have to buy or sell and also the risk connected with the profit and losses are the same as with any other form of trading.