Today, notary services are becoming popular and necessary. In this article, we will talk about one of the main Notary services, which is the certification of copies of documents.

Certification Of Copies Of Documents

Document certification is one of the primary Notary services, required by organizations and institutions overseas and within Toronto. It may be required for official government, court purposes, or commercial purposes. Depending on the type of certification you require, a trusted notary public helps you submit certified true copies of documents to an organization or institution in order to provide you with the best-result services. If you live in Toronto and need a trusted notary public to certify true copies for both international and domestic purposes, visit Notary Public Toronto Service.

How Do You Get a Document Certified?

There are two most common types of document certification, usually performed by Notaries in Toronto:

Certifying the authenticity of your documents

It is required by organizations and institutions overseas in order to officially recognize the authenticity and reliability of a document.

Certifying true copies of your documents

It is a copy of a document that has been certified by a notary public to be a true and correct representation of the original.

Certifying The Authenticity of Your Documents for Use In Another Country

After certifying the authenticity of a document, officially called document authentication and legalization, it will be recognized in another country. This process is also commonly called the document “attestation” or “certification”. Three steps of the process of document authentication and legalization include:

  • Preparing the document for processing
  • Authenticating the document with Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa.
  • legalizing the document with the consulate of the country that your document will be used.

After this step, the document will be officially recognized in the country that legalized your document.

Public Services

Certified True Copies

  • For making a Certified True Copy of your document, there are some steps that should be taken.
  • You should have the original and a photocopy of the document when referring to a notary public.
  • The notary compares the copy to the original
  • The notary certifies the document’s true copy by placing their signature and seal directly on the copy.

Before making Certified True Copies, It is best to consult with the recipient of your document to be sure that they accept a Certified True Copy in place of the original.

Some Necessary Information to Know

Booking an appointment with a Notary public and having both the original document as well as photocopies are necessary.

If there is photocopy of multiple pieces of identification onto one page, it requires having a certification of each image as a true copy, and you will be charged per image.

A Certified True Copy just show that it is a copy of a document; it does not mean the notary confirm the information contained in Certified True Copies.

Before making a copy of your document, you should ask the organization that you will be sending the documents to and check their preference because the notaries can certify true copies in either color or black and white.