If you are someone who has been researching online about stocks and trading, you must have come across the site Interactive Brokers, as they are one of the best interactive trading brokers.

But before talking more about it, let us understand what professional trading platforms are. What is a trading platform?

A trading platform is a program or an online system that allows investors and traders to perform activities related to trades through financial mediation. They are online portals through which the users, mainly investors, get access to their trading accounts which are set up for their financial markets. Usually, such accounts are offered by brokers in exchange for fee or commission in trade. Trading platforms have enhanced and elevated the possibility of electronic trading or online trading. In order to understand more about trading, let us get to know about whom a broker is.

Who is a broker? A broker is a licensed individual who acts as a mediator through which you can sell and buy stocks.

When a company offers the public its first stock, it is called an initial public offering. The company’s profitability and the economic conditions of the organization determines the value of the stocks it offers. When a person wants to buy a stock, he should contact a broker agency.

 The brokerage would place an order and let him know  what the market price of the product is. If the investor is interested to move forward, they would include a commission for themselves and start processing the order. If the customer is interested in  buying a stock, the broker would forward his order to a stock exchange, which would take around three or four days to complete the order including the final step of the process, which is the exchange of money between the broker and the investor.

For online platforms like trading apps, websites give the user some options and inform him of the availability of the stock he asks for, across all the online trading platforms that are available. If he places an order, it gets added to a database and is stored there. After the confirmation of the creation of the trading account and the processing of the payments, the order is put forward, and the money is sent to the user’s trading account as the stock. In conclusion, trading using online platforms does not involve humans, but an online broker, and leaves you with the power to choose which stocks you wish to buy and sell.

Interactive Brokers is a global brand that is dedicated to providing solutions for Indian investors to invest in Indian markets as well as global markets.

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Interactive Brokers Buying Power is the  value or the worth of securities you can purchase without depositing any extra funds. This is called settled cash.  

The brand is specialized in low cost trading and has zero account opening fees. No minimum activity fee is required, and includes a free DEMAT account as well. With Interactive Brokers, competitive interest is paid on idle cash balances. The brand gives the users free access to powerful and efficient trading tools like Client Portal, Trader Workstation, IBKR mobile etc. It provides the users with easy and free access to research, news and basic but important data from Zacks, Refinitiv etc. It supports you with a variety of order types like bracket orders, trailing stop loss etc. Interactive Brokers provide you with global access for the users to be able to invest globally in stocks, mutual funds and bonds just from one integrated account, which makes it extremely user-friendly and convenient. You can trade stocks from more than eighty market centers with the lowest financing rates in the industry. It offers a transparent inventory with the best pricing. 

Fractional investing is a feature that lets you buy any US stock, regardless of the price! On your fully paid shares, it is possible to earn extra incomes with Interactive Brokers. With this brand, you can use professional trading platforms and get access to advanced options trading tools. You can trade global currencies with direct and immediate access to interbank quotes, with deep liquidity and real time quotes from the world’s largest FX dealers. It gives you access to professional FX trading tools and has over a hundred currency pairs available to you. It gives you low commissions with no hidden spreads or markups, and gets you to the best international trading brokers.  Interactive Brokers after hour trading is also popular as the Outside Trading Hours begins at 4:00 EST (for Pro accounts) and is open till the markets are open. When the markets close, it restarts and lasts till 20:00 EST. It begins for the lite accounts at 7:00 EST and lasts as long as the markets are open. It closes and then restarts when the markets close and is open until 20:00 EST.