The current dilemma of people these days is whether or not they would buy a car of their own, or just opt to getting a lease instead. But of course, one thing still holds true for each person – having and using a car of your own would most likely help give you a better commute going to different place in the city, most especially to and from your home and workplace. The only question that needs to be answered is whether or not a person is actually financially capable of buying his or her own car, or is leasing a car a better option? If you are a person who does not have a good financial state at the moment and if you are highly likely to have a bad credit rating, then car leasing is most definitely the better option for you. With a bad credit rating, it may be difficult to apply for a car loan and get accepted for it, but if you do get accepted for one, you might be faced with an incredibly high interest rate that would be hard to pay off. Car leasing for bad credit, however, is an easier path to take because you would not have to go through such a tedious process just to get approved.

Affordability Over History

When leasing a car through Wheels4Sure, you would be checked for approval not with your current credit history, but with your current affordability. Meaning to say, if you would be able to prove that you would be able to afford to lease out a car with them, you would easily get approved, without having to check whether you have a good or bad credit standing. It would not actually be difficult to get approved with them because of the affordable rates and dozens of options you could choose from, which could highly depend on your monthly income and expenses. As a matter of fact, with this model, Wheels4Sure actually has a 95% approval rating of people who apply for a car lease with them.


You have a wide range of variety when choosing a car to lease. You could choose a car depending on the budget that you have in mind, starting at only £199 per month or as high up to as £399 per month. You could also choose which best fits your budget, depending on the annual mileage that you would estimate to need, ranging from 8,000, 12,000, or 16,000 per year. If you have the luxury of having a large budget for your monthly lease payments, then you have the advantage to choose a car depending on the make. Available makes they offer range from middle class to upscaled car makes like Hyundai, Mazda, Fiat, or Vauxhall, Mini, Peugeot or Renault. If you are lucky enough, you would get the car that you prefer given at a special offer for the month.

Value for Money

When you lease out a car, you would get the most value for your money. First and foremost, you would only pay for the depreciation value of the car for the number of years that you would lease it – usually within a three-year period. Secondly, you would not have to deal with paying for monthly check ups, maintenance and repairs expenses, and even insurance fees for all of the years that the car will be in possession. Imagine for paying for all of these added expenses for five to ten years with your owned car, on top of how much you actually paid for the car. With leased cars, you would be able to enjoy free servicing for the whole three years of your lease. You would not have to shell out money should anything go wrong with the car that you are using. Not only that, but you would also be able to get a year’s worth of UK Road Tax, so you get to save as much as £150 right off the bat! You would also receive a breakdown cover good for one year so you would not be left stranded when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

No Commitments

With a car lease, the most that you would be tied up to paying off your lease is roughly around three years. Unlike with a car loan where you have to pay it off within two, five, and even up to ten years, depending on how much you could afford. Not only that, but you do not have to shoulder the burden of reselling or re-leasing your car once your lease period is over. You just have the convenience of simply making a decision of whether to end the lease, extend your lease, or maybe even get and apply for a new lease to enjoy the wonders of a different and new car.