As much of an ugly fact as it is, millions of people throughout the country are involved in bicycle accidents every day. You may not think that hiring a bicycle accident lawyer is necessary, however, if you get injured as a result of somebody else’s negligence you could be eligible for compensation to cover any costs that incur because of the accident.

When riding a bicycle you do not have near the protection that you would have when driving in a car. As a matter of fact, if you are not wearing a helmet you have about the same protection as a pedestrian. Riding on a bicycle in traffic around cars, trucks, and even motorcycles can end up with catastrophic consequences if people do not pay attention to everything that is happening around them.

Since bicycles are so small, it is difficult for drivers to see them if they are not looking for them. Experienced drivers that are constantly on the lookout for hazards and dangers are out there, but there are many drivers that allow their phones, food, and other pleasures to distract them from their attentiveness. All it takes is a split second for the driver of a vehicle to take their eyes off of their surroundings to ruin a life. In many cases, the end result of a vehicle crashing into a cyclist is death or critical injury. This is why whenever there is a bicycle accident, it is always wise to contact a lawyer.

Types of Bicycle Accidents

When riding a bicycle there are literally millions of things that can go wrong. Just because somebody is riding a bike does not mean that they will not be held responsible for an accident. Just as drivers are responsible for paying attention to the road and the surroundings that are present when on that road, a bicyclist must pay attention as well. The kinds of accidents that happen to cyclists that may require a lawyer are:

  • Automobile involved accidents
  • Motorcycle involved accidents
  • Other bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian involved accidents
  • Semi tractor trailer involved accidents
  • Road hazard accidents

Although there are several other types of accidents that are possible, the ones mentioned above are frequent instances that could definitely merit the help of a lawyer.

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents are among the most frequent types of accidents that result in the necessity of a lawyer. In many cases, the insurance agency that covers the automobile will do everything that they can to pay out the least amount of money that they possibly can.

It is important that when you are going to court against companies that have talented, smart lawyers you are prepared for the fight. Depending on the circumstances of the accident you could be entitled to much more money than you believe.

Hiring an  attorney to fight for you and to face the giants that want to minimize what happened to you so they can underpay your needs is the best thing you can do for yourself, or the person that you are hiring a lawyer for.

Collecting information and getting the facts straight so that everything can be presented to the court and be seen without prejudice could give you a fair chance at proving the fault of the person that hit you.

Motorcycle Accidents

Although it is rare, bicycles get hit by motorcycles. All it takes is for a motorcycle rider to not see the bicycle rider for a split second, and they can plow right into them. Motorcycle riders are a bit more protected than bicycle riders because, if they are responsible riders, they will wear helmets and leathers. The odds of a motorcycle rider becoming seriously injured from being involved with a bicycle are much lower than the rider of the bicycle.

Regardless of what the other rider says, or what anybody else has to say about the situation, always consult a lawyer when it comes to an accident that is not your fault. The end result of a bicycle accident can cause a lot of damage both physically and financially.

Cyclist Accidents

The odds of being seriously injured as the result of another bicycle rider hitting you are pretty low, however it can happen. Say, for instance, you are carefully navigating a steep downhill grade that has a narrow bike lane and a lot of potential hazards in the way. As you are making your way carefully down the hill, another bicyclist that is racing down the hill slams into you from behind.

The other person may become just as injured as you do, if not worse, but the accident will be their fault. If you go into court to be compensated for your injuries and loss of work behind them, you may be in for a fight that you didn’t expect. In cases like this, you should always have the assistance of a seasoned lawyer to make sure that you don’t get railroaded, or bullied into a lesser amount of compensation than you deserve.

Pedestrian Accidents

Although it is not likely that a pedestrian will be the person at fault for a bicycle accident that hits them, there are circumstances where a pedestrian can be dangerous. For example, if you are cycling down the street in the bike lane, in the direction of the flow of traffic, and a pedestrian walks out in front of you without warning…is it your fault?

If you are injured as a result of this, and your bike suffered damage, would you be eligible for compensation?

How about if you are riding down the street and a pedestrian gets angry with you for some reason and hits you as you are riding. The force of the blow causes you to lose balance and crash the bike. Can you sue the person that struck you for damages?

The only way to truly know the answer to questions like these is to contact a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers are trained and skilled in the art of law and know how to get the attention of the system and show them why you need compensation.

Semi Truck Accidents

Why You Need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer After a Cyclist Accident - Dawson  Law Firm

One of the last things a bicycle rider wants to get hit by is a semi truck. Unfortunately, semi trucks hit bicycle riders quite often. Although it is the responsibility of both parties to keep an eye out for potential accident prone situations, in most cases, the truck driver is at fault. Sometimes they simply do not see the bicycle until it is too late.

If you or somebody that you know is involved in an accident between a bicycle and a semi truck – get in touch with a lawyer that can help to get the situation taken care of in the most desirable outcome.

Road Hazards

Riding a bicycle down the street can be dangerous at times. What happens if you are riding along and you hit a pothole that makes you lose control of the bike and crash? Are you able to sue the city or county? How about if you are riding down the street and the branch of a tree that is growing in somebody’s front lawn breaks off and strikes you as you are riding? Can you get compensation from the  homeowner for any damages that occur from the incident? The truth behind that is whether or not you hire the right lawyer.


The fact of the matter is that any time that you are involved in an accident on a bycicle that causes damage you should contact a lawyer. In a perfect world, when a person harms another person because of negligence or whatever reason they would automatically cover the costs without having to be forced. Things do not normally work in this manner, so it is often best to get the help of a lawyer that specializes in the type of accident that you are in. Never try to figure it out for yourself, or Google the answers. Lawyers go to school for many years and learn how to defend people, just like you, so that they can get the most compensation possible for any situation.