Do you still remember when Bitcoin was first offered for sale to the public? Many investors looked at it and though that anyone would have to be crazy to put their money into something so new and unconventional. Well, a lot of people did put their money into Bitcoin and they made a fortune from it. By the time the naysayers had realised what was happening, it was too late and Bitcoin was already selling for more than US $10K per coin. The Bitcoin millionaires were made because they bought at the inception, not through trading thereafter.

A lot of people missed out on that multi-million dollar opportunity and thought that a chance to invest on the ground floor of a cryptocurrency would never comer again. They were wrong. Let’s take a look at some other cryptocurrencies that you might have missed out on:

Cryptocurrency Opportunities You Might Have Missed At Inception

Binance- when Binance first listed their crypto token in July of 2017, BNB, it was originally listed at just $0.11520. Currently, it is listed at $10.02. If you would have bought $100 worth of BNB then, it would be worth around $8600 today.

Ethereum- similar to Binance’s story, Ethereum was very affordable at inception costing $0.31. It was created to code, run, and execute smart contracts and DApps independently without human interaction. As its popularity grew, so did its price. If you would have bought $100 worth of Ethereum then, it would be worth around $19,600 today.

The XCOYNZ Opportunity

XCOYNZ is at the inception stage, costing just 5c a token. Imagine if XCOYNZ had even the smallest increase in value over the next year making it 50c a token. If you would have bought $100 worth of XCOYNZ today, it would be worth around $1,500 in just one year. You can even spend as little as $20 to purchase XCOYNZ and get in on the ground floor. How many times do we spend $20 without asking any questions at all?

Are you really going to miss investing in a potentially multi-million dollar business? Right now, for a limited time, you can buy XCOYNZ tokens for as little as $20 using your credit card or any crypto assets that you hold. You will also receive an additional 50% BONUS tokens which means you will receive a total of 720 XCOYNZ tokens for just $20!

Contact XCOYNZ

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