All four-wheelers undergo damages. This is where car insurance is useful, especially for financial assistance, to cover the repairing cost. If your vehicle accidentally hits another person or damages their property, the third-party cover pays the necessary compensation on your behalf. So, the insurance handles unforeseen expenses which might lead to damage or loss.

The entire process of buying the policy is to stay protected from any financial losses owing to the car. But if you want to get the damages covered, you need to claim the same from your insurer. The claim process starts by informing the insurance company about the damage sustained by your car. You then request payment for the monetary losses. If you have caused injury to the third-party asset or person, raise a claim for the insurer’s financial aid.

You need to raise a claim within a specific timeframe for getting the losses covered. Unless the vehicle owner raises the claim, they cannot get monetary aid from the insurance company for the resulting losses. Now, the insurance company does not compensate for the claim instantly. The authenticity gets verified before paying the amount.

Claim inspection

The inspection of car insurance policy claim happens at its pace. The insurance claim inspection refers to checking the authenticity and extent of damage caused to the vehicle. They verify if the damage is real and caused due to unforeseen circumstances stated by the owner. This process is essential during claim settlement. However, the insurance company does not carry it out directly.

They hire a representative who conducts the inspection, called a surveyor. The inspection report determines whether the insurance company will accept or reject the claim. Some of the aspects to remember at the time of inspection are:

Before raising the claim

The type of insurance matters while raising the claim. Whether you have comprehensive or third-party insurance impacts your ability to raise the claim as they have varied coverages. Third-party is meant for only third-party asset and person, while comprehensive plans include coverage of third-party and own damages.

Motor laws & exclusions

The other thing to remember while making a car insurance claim successfully is to follow all the motor laws thoroughly and take care of the policy exclusions. Every person needs to hold a valid driving license, not be intoxicated with alcohol and drugs, etc. These lead to claim rejection. You need to adhere to policy exclusions as well, like normal wear & tear are not considered, non-accidental damage to the vehicle tyres, mechanical or electrical breakdown, etc.

Access the damages

When your vehicle meets with an accident, check the extent of damage, the people involved, inclusive of yourself. Call for medical assistance if need be. Always click pictures of the damages caused as proof. You might be asked to present these to fastening the claim settlement.

Claim inspection

Once you are done with the mentioned process, the insurer initiates the process. For verifying the claims and assessing the damage, the insurer appoints a surveyor for the damaged vehicle. They inspect the car at the garage, where it is sent for repair. If the car cannot be moved, they check it at the site itself.

You can raise car insurance online claim and make the process quicker. However, you need to corporate with the surveyor and provide them with the necessary information at the time of inspection.