The places where you’ll fork out the most money on your car per mile have been revealed and the drivers in some less populated Scottish towns on average, spend the least on their car.

Information from the pay by mile car insurance site By Miles has shown that Galashiels, a regional Scottish town, is the best place to own a motor because of the price (it’s the cheapest), with drivers only paying 44p per mile driven.

Each of the regions were analysed around the UK with pretty much everything taken into consideration.  Fuel prices, MOT and car tax were all compiled and worked out against the average annual mileage the majority of people drive in each region to give a cost per mile figure.

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Inverness and Perth in Scotland along with a few other places were amongst the cheapest with drivers paying just over 44 pence per mile.

Can you guess the most expensive?  Correct.  London was deemed the most expensive with costs working out at 58p per mile for localised motoring.

London has been the most expensive for a long time due to the huge costs of fuel and insurance in the capital.

Manchester is not far behind London with costs working out at around 57p per mile and drivers on average travelling 6,666 miles per year.

Other areas that are on the higher scale of costs include Oldham, Dudley and Stockport which come in at a touch under the major cities at 56p per mile.

The co-founder of by miles, James Blackham, stated that: “Our analysis shows that when you take all your motoring costs into account, your postcode can play a big part in how much you pay for every mile you drive. And those who drive the least are suffering most.

“While drivers in London, Manchester, Dudley, and Stockport may feel cheated when they see how much they’re paying compared to other parts of the country, there are things motorists can do to reduce how much they pay.

“Shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your car insurance, and if you drive under 7,000 miles a year, a pay-by-mile insurance policy could offer a more flexible way to insure your car.”

Cheapest and most expensive places in the UK for car insurance

Car insurance in London costs a massive £1,102 annually, which is £366 higher than the UK average cost, according to a survey that has been found.

It isn’t all that negative for all motorists in the capital, however, due to new government reforms in the UK, the costs of car insurance across the UK are beginning to fall.

Here, I am going to reveal the cheapest and most expensive areas for car insurance In the UK and how to keep the cost of your car insurance down:

The Most Expensive Areas in the UK

The capital of the UK, London, took the top spot on this list as the most expensive region for car insurance.

Drivers in the capital pay a staggering 50% more than the national average of £736, according to the latest Premium Drivers report from has found.

Drivers in the North West, including Bolton, Liverpool, and Manchester, live in the second most expensive area.

The average premium in this area is around £839.79, which is worked out to be 14% higher than the national average – although still less than the bills that are facing Londoners.

The Cheapest Areas in The UK For Car Insurance

The South West is the best area to live in the UK because of the extremely cheap car insurance that you get in that region. These places include Bristol, Devon, and Somerset. These are the cheapest places for car insurance.  Drivers in the area pay £557.39 a year, which is nearly a quarter less than the national average and almost half what Londoners pay for car insurance.

Drivers in Scotland have the second cheapest car insurance on average, paying £581.24 annually – 21% less than the national average.

So, to sum it all up, the best place in the UK to live (if you have a car) is Scotland because of the Cheap Car Insurance and the money charged per mile is only 44p which is almost too good to be true.