If you are at a point in your life where you have already earned and save enough money to have extra cash available with no immediate appropriation, you may find yourself in the position of looking through different investment channels and opportunities you could go into so that you could grow the value of your money. If you have disposable income or cash laying around in the bank, you probably should also consider other investment channels so that you would be able to maximise the value of your money. Most people have financial growth at the back of their minds because they are scared of all the factors involved, most especially the risk of losing their money. That is why most people have their savings or extra cash just stowed away in bank accounts that only give peanuts for interest earned. The average annual inflation rate in the United Kingdom is already at 2%, much larger than the interest rate you get from bank savings accounts. Essentially, your money does not earn any value! Where to invest money is an important question to answer because you would want to have the best vehicle to bring you great financial growth. And that vehicle is quite literally just what you might need.

Investing in Buy2LetCars

With Buy2Let Cars, vehicles would literally be your vehicle for financial growth. Investing your money in the company would mean that you would fund its partner company, Wheels4Sure, to acquire cars they could lease out mostly to people with a bad credit line. It is a completely hands-off and hassle-free investment because you would not need to be involved in the actual buying of the car, acquiring of the lessee, or even having to pay for car insurance and maintenance expenses. Once you invest your money with them, all that would be left for you to do is to actually wait for your money.

As with all types of investment, there is always risk involved. There may be circumstances with Buy2LetCars wherein you would receive less money than what you have initially invested if the lessee of the car you invested in (and essentially own) would cease to pay for their lease. When this happens, you have the opportunity to enforce the legal charge you have over the car unit under your investment, so that you would be able to recover the amount you invested. If it still isn’t enough to cover your investment capital, Buy2LetCars would willingly pay for up to 85% of the amount you invested in for you get your money back. But you should not be afraid because, since 2012, there have not been cases as such, due to the success of both Buy2LetCars and Wheels4Sure.

Earning with Buy2LetCars

There are four different levels in which you could earn from Buy2LetCars. If you invest the minimum amount of £7,000-£10,000, which is the level 1 tier, you have an opportunity to earn an interest rate of return (IRR) of 7% per annum, or approximately a £983 gain in a span of 3 years, which is the fixed investment period for all of the different levels of earning. For level 2, you could invest a minimum of £14,000, which is generally the cost of one car or unit to be used for leasing. You could earn an IRR of 9% per annum or a £3,080 gain. Level 3 would cost you a minimum of £28,000 or 2 car units and an IRR of 10% per annum which would equate to an approximate gain of £6,792. If you have bigger savings or the available cash in hand, you could opt for level 4 with a minimum investment of £98,000 to have an annual IRR of 11% or a value of a gross gain amounting to £26,458. Of course, you could earn so much more if you put in the maximum allowable investment capital of £280,000 which would get you 20 car units.

Growing with Buy2Let Cars

Investing in Buy2LetCars would allow your money to grow exponentially, even beyond your investment with the company. You could easily invest in other channels and opportunities because, throughout the 3 year investment period, you would receive a monthly repayment for 36 months, and a lump sum amount on the 37th, which includes your investment yield. To make it more clearly, imagine investing in the level 2 tier with a minimum initial capital of £28,000 or 2 car units. Every month for 3 years, you would receive a payment of £511.38 in your bank account for a total of £18,409.68. To completely pay back your initial investment, the balance would be paid off in the final 37th month amounting to £16,382, which includes your earnings of a total gross gain of £6,792.38, giving you a 10% IRR per annum.