Life is so unpredictable, and no one knows when something terrible or unforeseen will happen in life. So buying insurance is always a reliable option to safeguard your future. Insurance you can buy broadly in two ways – online and from an independent insurance agency. There are no right or wrong methods of buying any insurance. Both ways have their merits and demerits. However, we will now discuss the benefits of purchasing your insurance from an independent insurance agency. The following points will hopefully guide you to make a data-driven, informed decision –

Customer Support

Most online insurance providers aim to get you on board as a customer. So they focus solely on pre-sales customer service. But an honest insurance agent will ensure you get the best after-sales customer support because that is when you will probably need their support, the most. With an agent insurance company, you will likely have an actual human customer support rep, which can assess your needs, understand your coverage, and accordingly guide you. In comparison, with online providers, you will most likely end up negotiating with automated voice machines. The machine will have a hard time understanding your accent. 


Independent agents can give you a wide range of coverage and price options as they usually represent multiple insurance companies. You can compare the benefits and price points and then choose one accordingly. With their experience and domain knowledge, they can even guide you in selecting the right option for you. You’ll never get these benefits if you directly approach an insurance company as they will provide you only a solitary quote. Let’s say, you are looking for the best car insurance in NC. Independent agencies can give you multiple options to choose from and may even offer you bundle deals, if applicable.

One-stop Shop

Independent agencies usually don’t sell any specific type of insurance. They cover the entire spectrum – auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, flood insurance, business owners’ policy insurance, and whatnot. So whatever your need may be, you will surely find suitable options with them.

Community Involvement

Just like small businesses, these insurance agencies are local businesses. So, therefore, they are always in a mood to support their communities. Such firms believe in giving back to the business ecosystem. It is a trust factor that ultimately may convince you to give your business to them. 

Local Presence

It is a huge factor. Using a local insurance agency can boost your confidence significantly and make you sleep peacefully at night. Also, with their local knowledge, they can better guide you with coverages, dos, and don’ts. 


“Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation…” – Honestly, how many people understand this? There are many fine prints, and one needs to be very careful in understanding the terms and conditions, otherwise, it can have a significant impact on your claim process. Your independent agent can explain the clauses in simpler terms and make you aware of what’s included and whatnot. 


Insurance Agency Business Plan Sample |

Having good industry knowledge is key. An independent agent works with multiple insurance companies and should be aware of their unique strength. One might be good at claim processing; another one can offer better coverage while a third is competitive in pricing. Based on your exact needs and preferences, your agent can help you choose the right product. For example – if you are searching for auto insurance agencies, your independent agent can find you the better options after evaluating your vehicle status, make, model, and other details. At the time of hiring an insurance agency, it is a must for you to check your experience and reputation.


Independent insurance agencies regularly review your policy coverage and map it with your life milestones. They also get your back in case of a claim or concern or plain mistake. They will generally negotiate with the insurance-providing company and get you out of the trouble.


Market reputation is the key for insurance agents and it can make or break their business. So it’s their compulsion that they take good care of their clientele so that they can survive the stiff competition and ultimately, bring new business through word of mouth publicity. For that, if they need to go the extra mile with customer service, they will not hesitate.

In conclusion, selecting an insurance provider is extremely complicated. As you have read above, there are many factors to consider. However, people are mostly influenced by the price factor. But is it always worth going after the cheapest option? Probably not. A licensed insurance advisor will always have the best interest of their clientele in mind and work towards securing the best deal for you. It might take more than 15 minutes (as advertised by insurance companies) and might not be the cheapest, but getting your insurance from an independent agent instead of buying it online will give you peace of mind and better sleep at night.