There are numerous small business owners who are still attempting to recover from the recent storm activity and can use some sound advice to deal with their business property insurance coverage. The first step for business owners who suffered an interruption in service & damaged products & property is to get in touch with the insurance agent. They are more than willing to assist in sorting out particulars of policy & help property owners get back on their feet.

Business Owners Policy Insurance & What it Covers

Property insurance typically provides coverage for damage or theft of physical property & equipment of the small business. Anyone owning a physical structure (building), the property insurance program, or the best homeowners insurance in NC should cover both the structure & its other assets. Anyone leasing the space they occupy is likely responsible for ensuring the personal property & other contents. As the leaseholder, there should be in place a contingency plan in case the landlord or their insurer is not able to punctually repair the building where the business is located.

Any company is likely to encounter its own risks during operation, whether they are the lack of consumers or the struggle with gaining financial profit. While these risks can often be foreseen, it is vital for any business to use business property insurance to help when planning for unforeseen. To understand the value of this protection, look to the top 9 reasons companies seek coverage when attempting to plan for unexpected circumstances.


No business will expect the individual or associate to enter a store with the lit match intending to burn down their location. The risk is often found in event of the electrical failure or the adjacent building catching fire with flames spreading. With business property insurance or employment practice liability insurance, you can be prepared when risks of fire become the reality. This vital protection can help in recovering the losses of the fire include inventory loss, building repair, & many other features which are vital for your businesses’ protection.


As the nation experiences the heaviest rain seasons in history on a nationwide scale need for flood protection becomes the greater reality, regardless of your location. While the flood might not seem threatening, the damage that water does to buildings & products is often unsalvageable, demanding coverage requirement.


This is the risk to companies that is often limited to certain locations which are well-known for experiencing natural occurrences. Earthquakes are characteristically unpredictable in regards to when they will occur or the strength they have, so business property insurance helps to create the security blanket with this unknown occurrence.


Shocking for many, the risk for theft is often a common source of business damage than previously mentioned coverage risks. It is a risk that is never expected & can occur at any time; making it essential you utilize the resource that will protect your business.

Open Perils

Factors that Influence a Business's Property Insurance - Haughn & Associates

An open perils clause often helps in covering any business property insurance risks that weren’t thought of when getting your policy. This represents the ultimate security blanket for unforeseen circumstances and is a must in order to avoid claim rejection from your assurance policy.

Workers’ Compensation

The business you do is likely to be affected by several factors – man-made & natural. In any case, if your employees endure injuries & illness, the costs of hospitalization, medical expenses, etc. are covered under the policy of commercial property insurance.

Additional Expenses

While executing business in the commercial building, there are various expenses that are also covered under the policy. This includes the loss of contents of the building that belongs to its owner.

Stock & Equipment

Under commercial property insurance, a variety of articles that include fixtures, mechanical & electronic equipment, trade equipment, furniture, cash registers, inventory, weighing scales, etc. are covered. So, these entire contents in your building are covered. For a manufacturing business, it is vital to store inventory & protect it against damage & theft. All such stock goods & inventory are also covered under commercial property insurance.

Business Interruption 

Interruption to your business may occur due to different factors such as natural calamities and man-made causes including vandalization. All these risks are covered under commercial property insurance. Business interruption leads to various non-payment of rent, wages, & dividends to shareholders of the business. If you take business interruption policy like liabilities will be covered.

These nine potential disasters often generate enough concern for the business to take advantage of low-cost protection which is available with business property insurance. Weigh the potential risks that could affect your business & make sure you are exploring out for the best interests of protecting your business investment. Insurance has a long history of representing the significant component for those who seek its benefits and the largest regret for those who don’t. Protect your company for dangers of impulsive circumstances by investing in coverage offered with business property insurance.