The needs of your business are not the same as any other, not even a similar one on the next block. And at Maylix we know that and treat our clients as the unique enterprises they are with different issues and concerns.

It doesn’t matter if your business serves a domestic or international market, we can customize our services to meet the specific requirements that will work for you.

At SSH Enterprises, Inc., the legal owner of, the logistics of shipping and receiving are just a part of what we do for our clients. We also handle a wide range of services, including order fulfillment, mail forwarding, inventory management, to businesses of different sizes, needs and requirements.

Custom Services

For us, one size does not fit all. We are not a standard operation that prides itself on uniformity across the supply-chain process. We customize and embrace differences to handle your products based on the needs of each client.

To meet the needs of your unique business and the products you create, we offer a platter of services that make running your operation a lot easier. These “Add-On Services” are designed to address any issues your business might encounter whether domestically or internationally. Business owners can buy these services as standalone plans or they can add them on to complement existing plans.

One of Maylix’s Add-On Service is called Assembly Services. This service is great for customers who deal with items that are sent to our warehouses but need to be assembled into one unit before they are made available for sale. Our staff assemble these components into the desired final product that can be sold to customers.

For customers who buy in bulk, and need their products broken down and repackaged into smaller parcels, we offer Repacking Services. Our staff will disassemble and repackage your bulk products into smaller resale items based on your specifications. And once the items are ready for sale to your customers, we will generate custom labels if necessary.

An easy decision

It’s easy for Maylix to offer these customized services because we have an existing structure that is solid and proven. We have processes, equipment, and staff already performing these functions, so teaming up with us should be an easy business decision to make.

“You get the benefits of our knowledge, expertise, consultants, and facilities without having to worry about securing space, staff, expending a large amount of money to establish everything,” the company says states on its website at

And if your business needs a very unusual service and you can’t find it listed on our website, we can still help you achieve your business goals. Maylix works will all types of businesses to make sure all their unique qualities and requirements are addressed. We know that one plan is not going to handle the needs of every client we partner with so we customize services by envisioning your desires and needs smarts and flexibility. “There is no limit to what we will do for our clients.”