Most people would not consider or even think about investing their money in cars. First and foremost, in general, cars have a depreciating value over time. Meaning to say, if you buy a car today that is worth £25,000, chances are, in the next five to ten years, no matter how well-maintained and well taken care of your car is, its value would deflate to almost (or even more than) half of its original price. Not only will its value greatly depreciate, but you would also have to go through the hassle of looking for possible buyers, going through multiple meet ups for checking and test drives, and even have a competitive price so that your second hand car would be chosen and bought – at a loss, for that matter! But this is not actually the case right now. In fact, you would already be able to earn a decent amount of returns if you invested in cars as of today. If you have the money, the best way to invest 100k to get a return of roughly around £26,000 without having to do anything is through Buy2LetCars.

7 units for 100K

With £100,000 (even less, only £98,000 to be exact!), you would already be able to invest in 7 car units from Buy2LetCars. With those many units, you would be able to earn an interest rate of return of 11% per annum. What happens is that you would shell out the investment as a loan to Buy2LetCars so that they would be able to provide cars for lease with their partner car leasing company. More and more people are leasing out cars rather than buying their own mainly because of their credit score rating. Most people with a bad credit rating cannot rely on car loans to afford a car of their own, so getting a car lease is actually their best option. With your 100K, you would already be able to lease out a car to seven different people while earning from it without having to do anything because it would entirely be the car leasing company’s job to do so.

Monthly Income

Unlike with other investment channels, you would be left with no choice of having to leave your money in a bank account or in the stock market untouched, just so you could get a positive and decent yield for a minimum of three and up to five years. With banks, you would be guaranteed of roughly around 2.5% per year, meaning at the end of three years, your untouched £100,000 would have grown to £107,500 already. With the stock market however, there is no guarantee that at the end of three or five years, you would already get a high return, or maybe even a positive return at that. You may experience getting a loss at the end of those years and you would have to leave it a few more years to get a rise in value without having to touch the 100K. With Buy2LetCars however, you would already be able to get an income from your investment after the very first month of your investment. You would be able to receive monthly payouts for three years, and on the 37th and final month, a payout including your total gross gain.

Hands Off

Unlike other investments, with Buy2LetCars, you would not have to monitor your investment on a day-to-day basis and make crucial decisions that would only cause you stress. You would not even have to look for potential lessees of your car units, and you do not even have to be the one who will buy the actual cars out for lease. All you would have to do is to invest your money, sign some papers, and by the next month, just wait for your first payment in your bank account. There is also no worry of the company going bankrupt because you would be entitled to get back 85% of your total investment should that scenario unfortunately happens. This is possible also because the cars would be registered to your name, so you could get its repossession selling value.

Problem Free

The beauty with Buy2LetCars is that when your investment period of three years is already finished, you would not need to take care of getting rid of the cars you invested on. You would not have to go through the process of finding new lessees or selling it again on the market. After you have gotten the proceeds of your investment and the repayment of your investment back in full, you would not have to deal with the car units left from your investment. This is one of the main factors why more and more people are switching to investing in buy to let cars these days, rather than buy to let properties.