As a trader who is interested in trading digital currencies, you might have a hard time finding a broker that can provide you with professional level cryptocurrency trading. There are many options on the internet, but if you are looking for the best, it will take you some time to finalize your search. However, if you are looking for a quick way to choose the right broker, I would highly recommend you to check out Neuer Capital. This is the broker that I have personally tried and tested. I have checked a variety of its features and concluded that Neuer Capital understands what it is doing.

Is Neuer Capital Scam or Legit? Does Neuer Capital Take Care of the Important Features for Traders? The answers yu will find below in my written experience with this trading platform.

Neuer Capital And The Most Important Features For Traders

Safety Of Information And Protection Of Funds

These are the two primary needs and requirements of the traders before they sign up with an online broker. You can’t think about signing up with an online broker unless you are provided with some guaranty by the broker that your information will be protected. In the case of Neuer Capital, you will be glad to see your information getting encrypted as soon as you enter it on the website. In addition to that, the broker has implemented proper KYC and AML policies to ensure that your identity is safe on its platform. Not to mention, the broker protects your funds through segregated accounts.

A Platform Just For You

I think that Neuer Capital understands not only the industry but the exact requirements that make a trader love its broker. At the same time, in my experience, I have felt that this broker wants to go the extra mile in achieving customer satisfaction. For that reason, the broker has brought to you the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. This is the best platform that online trading industry has seen. When you sign up with Neuer Capital, you will be able to use it on your phone and laptop. You will be able to use it not only on your Android phones but iOS phones as well.

The platform is easy to understand and offers some great advanced features to make trading fun and easy for you.

Education And Training

The cryptocurrency market is hardly a decade old. If someone tells you that they know this industry inside out, they might be overreaching. The thing is that no one really knows 100% about this particular market. The more you learn the better it will be for you when you trade cryptocurrencies. And that’s why the broker has compiled some great training material for you. The training material consists of basic and advanced courses that you can take in the form of ebooks and videos. If you want something more than that, then you should go for the webinar session where you can learn live from the best of the industry.

Major Cryptocurrencies For Trading

Another feature that matters to all the new cryptocurrency traders from around the world is being able to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies. You see, the problem with the online cryptocurrency world is that many people think that Bitcoin is everything. While it is a major cryptocurrency with a lot of potential and value, it is not the lock, stock, and barrel of online trading. You have some other strong contenders, i.e., cryptocurrencies with some great concepts and lots of PR in the industry already. So, when I signed up with Neuer Capital, I was glad to find out that I could trade Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin. That’s something I really appreciate about this broker and I am sure you will too.

The Debit Card Option

I have never liked the option of using credit cards everywhere. I always want to use the money that I can call mine. So, I have always used my account to pay for anything that I purchase online or in stores. However, most online brokers only accept credit cards. When you select your debit card to make the payment, they give an error on the page and ask you to provide the details of your credit card. I was on the moon when I found out that this broker has the option of using debit cards as well. If you are like me and love to pay through your debit card for any product or service, I highly recommend you sign up with Neuer Capital because it lets you use your debit card to fund your account.

Final Thoughts

Is there something the broker is not doing right? I am sure there are some weak spots as well, but the things that I think are extremely important for traders have been taken care of well by the broker. I personally do not have any complaints with Neuer Capital. I think it should continue to do what it is doing already to make a great name in the future and become the favorite trading platform of traders from everywhere in the world.