Human Resources are referred to as ‘The people of people’. And it’s a difficult task for the HR teams to handle people.

In the fast-moving and constantly updating corporate world, the HR teams must also gear towards a more advanced workflow and help their corporations improve productivity.

Onboarding of people, distribution of pay-cheques, exit formalities of the employees, government documentation, taxation, etc., are the tasks that involve signing the papers.

To digitally sign PDF online is the most efficient way for the HR teams to efficiently run these activities without sparing much time on them.

Digital Signing Online & Human Resources

In the technology-driven world, almost all businesses are choosing to automate their processes as much as possible.

Be it the production wing or the quality assurances, all of them rely on the technology masterpieces to ease their workflow and bring more and more productivity into their supply chain.

It becomes essential for businesses to adapt to fast-driven technology like Digital Signing.

Human Resources is the department that aggressively works with the paperwork related to onboarding candidates, salaries, verifications etc.

HR representatives need to validate signature in PDF on many occasions.

Applications of Digital Signing for Human Resources Teams


Human resources digitally sign PDF online for all the major HR-related activities.

Following are some of the regular activities that HR teams need Digital Signing software for:

  • When documentation is processed faster, it helps in the easy onboarding of the new candidates.
  • Digital signatures facilitate timely and accurate distribution of the salary slips.
  • Digitally signing PDF online of the FORM-16 shall become easy for the HR team allowing the employees to benefit at the end of the financial year for the return filing period.
  • All these processes require digitally signing documents for authentication purposes.

Following are some of the PDF documents that the HR can sign digitally:

Digital Signing During the Onboarding

  • Contract letters
  • Joining bonds
  • Health insurance documents
  • Retention bonus contracts
  • Other mutual agreements between the employees and the employer
  • Questionnaire about the business
  • Job description brochures

Digital Signing During the Employment

  • Leave applications
  • Salary slips
  • FORM-16 (annually)
  • Return filing related documents
  • Any grievance report
  • Contracts/agreements between the company and the vendors
  • Daily timesheets
  • Quarterly bonus agreements
  • Promotion letters
  • Appraisal letters
  • Other safety policy documents

Digital Signing Application During the Exit process of the Employee

  • Relieving letter
  • Experience letter
  • Non-disclosure & non-compete agreements
  • Exit application attestation

Digital signing benefits for other related teams are as follows:

Accounts Team-

  • Digitally sign the invoices, bills, etc. related to the vendors.
  • Digitally sign invoices, credit notes, debit notes, tax return filings, GST returns, etc.

Legal Team-

  • Sign legal documents and agreements between multiple parties entirely online.
  • There is no need for the signatories to be physically present at one location as they can authenticate the document and digitally sign PDF online.

To learn more on how to validate signature in PDF, visit the detailed video in the link.

Digital Signatures – Legal Stand-Point in India

99% of the Paperwork That the HR Team Deals with is Confidential.

Hence, many businesses are reluctant to disclose their confidential documents on third-party software.

Many of the businesses follow a closed circuit for the circulation of the documents. i.e. No third party user or application is authorized to view these documents.

But we are happy to submit to you that Digital Signatures are completely safe provided that the service provider is a Certifying Authority.

Yes, they are Legally Valid!

Digital Signatures are legally valid in India under section 5 of the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000.

All the parties involved in a digitally sign PDF online will have a solid and valid legal point if anything goes wrong with the deal agreed upon in the digitally signed contract.

How Can Digital Signing Software Help?

GSTHero SafeSign is a preferred choice of many businesses that helps you to digitally sign PDF online in an easy way. For businesses in India there is tool called emsigner for gst related document signing which is provided by govt. of india. There are many tools in the market, following are the promising highlights:

  • Military-grade securitythat protects your document confidentiality
  • Easy integration with your ERP software
  • Option to choose between dongle-based & server-based Digital Signing
  • On-call technical support by technical experts
  • Suitable for smaller & mid-sized businesses. Companies can easily use it to verify digital signature online
  • Suitable for individual use like signing the college application form, the leave & license agreement, etc.
  • Suitable for GST activities as it’s 100% compliant with the GST laws
  • Digitally sign all your PDF documents without changing the original orientation of the document.
  • Customized signing templates

To Conclude…

HR teams should see a spike in the productivity of their workflow on adapting new-gen technologies like Digital Signatures.

Hence, businesses must help their HR departments to go completely digital!

Having robust Digital Signing software will help businesses save time and cut down costs of document transition for signing essential deals.

Stay updated; stay ahead!

Until the next time….