In Forex, there are some common traps and trading mistakes that may be faced by all the traders sometimes. We will cover the common mistakes that keep the investors out from making any money. Different types of FX news distract a beginner greatly. Usually the novice traders fails to deal with the complex price movement of the trading industry and makes silly mistakes. In this article, we will discuss the top mistakes which you must avoid at any cost.

List of common mistakes:


A trading journal is utilized by the expert investors, which helps them to take the best strategy based on past activities in trading. This journey can be started using only pen and paper. A trading journal is utilized by professionals, which helps them to be on the right track always. But do not make the trading journal overly complex as it will slow you down.


Before executing the trades, a trader should build a trading plan. Buying a great number of financial assets without having a proper plan may lead one to face a huge amount of loss. Experts make a bulletproof trading plan before buying any type of financial asset, and this helps him to be focused on his trading activities.


If you fail to choose the best broker, you must have to be ready for the financial punishment that can be occurred by the exploitation of a wrong broker. During the beginning of the FX career, broker selection may prove as a great challenge. Sometimes, it is found that by choosing the wrong broker, a newbie may end up his career in this platform very early. Always try to use the best Forex account in Australia as it will help you to make the right decision within a short time.

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A retailer trader cannot open a trading account in the Forex directly, and he must have to take the help of a broker so that the investor may use his platform for the execution of the trades. The importance of the selection of the right broker is often overlooked by the newbies. When this type of incident happens, they have to count a heavy toll.


The idea of overtrading is very popular among scalpers. Mastering scalping is not that easy, and only a handful of traders get success utilizing this method. Most of the professionals take the idea of overtrading as a bad practice. They discourage newbies from moving away from this type of bad practice as it does not provide a higher value in the shortest timeframe.

A beginner should execute the trades based on the longer timeframe. Studies show that overtrading may make the account balance of the investor zero. When this type of incident happens, the investor may lose the opportunity to buy the financial assets in the future for the lack of investment. Because of this professionals suggests expert to remove the idea of overtrading from the mindset by any cost.

Take profit

Setting up take profit point helps the investor to save their time and draw an end in the execution of the trades with automation. This technical option suggests that after a certain point, the trade will be closed automatically.

With a little bit of sense, everybody can conjecture about the amount of profit he can make. Based on the assumption, they should set a take profit goal, which may help them greatly to save the time to close the trades with automation without any presence of them. Beginners do not take the opportunity of the take profit point and, for this reason, suffer a lot in the long run.

To conclude, we can mention that beginners are very reluctant to perform the research work in which they should have been careful. No alternative way can be found for the success in the FX market if proper analysis is not done. Generally, there are three kinds of analyses that are overlooked by most of the traders in the beginning. With a little bit of internet research, one may easily find the research work helps to avoid trading mistakes.