Like other order fulfillment providers, we offer a comprehensive service menu that gives our clients the platform to achieve their business goals. But unlike other providers in the supply chain industry, Crield has a list of differentiating special features that makes us unique.

We offer you a “distinctly unique product that follows the creative and innovative principles we have developed on our own,” Crield says on its website at This product oversees from basic tasks to complex challenges. And we have even considered possibilities our competitors might never have contemplated.

We are Different

At Crield, which is owned by Star Transport Service, we oversee the supply chains processes, storage, inventory management, shipping and order fulfillment. We are faster, more efficient and more effective. And when we compare our company with our competitors on costs, we stack up at the top when it comes to affordability.

We are also unique in how we incorporated software programs into our operation. Despite technological innovations, our system is easy to understand and use. You get access to our software system, allowing you to order product, check the status of orders, make any adjustments, and track shipments.

You can also view reports daily about inventory levels, low, missing or spoiled product, returns, and missing information on products.

“Our programs are fine-tuned to our industry and the unique issues that it presents,” Crield points out on its website. The latest technology that we have in place makes it easier to operate a streamlined order fulfillment operation.

Dedicated to Your Success

Crield is unshakeable when it comes to helping you achieve your business goals. “Everything we do is geared towards increasing sales, growing your customer base, increasing revenue, and keeping your customers happy. Your success is our success,” as we point out on our website at

We value our partnerships with our clients and respect each business owner. We want to develop a lasting and profitable partnership. To ensure that relationship, we have assigned each business owner a personal manager whose focus will be to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

Your personal manager, assigned to you at no extra cost, can be the catalyst that helps you achieve any business goals you might have. This manager will be available through the length of your partnership with Crield.

Ways to use your personal manger include:

  • Assessing your business and helping you design plans to increase sales and expand
  • Working with you to resolve issues
  • Helping you make the correct decision about changing the scope of your service

Protecting your Brand

We are committed to helping you level up your business clients. We protect your brands and works with you to widen your market reach.

At Crield, we do not impinge on your brand. When we fulfill an order, we do not try to promote our company. We do not place our name on any packaging or paperwork. “We are the silent partner in this relationship. Your customers will never know we are involved unless you reveal that fact to them.”

We even help you improve your brand awareness. You can use generic packing material, or you can use your company logo on packing materials. You can also include brochures and flyers in packages you send to customers. And you can affix your company’s name and logo on packing slips and invoices.