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Salary Analysis in U.S. Cities + a Cash Advance

Recently, chief economist Jed Kolko has analyzed 185 metros across the U.S. with the purpose of revealing the places where employees’ paychecks go the furthest. Based on the study, these places include Southern and Midwestern cities, such as Birmingham, Alabama; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Memphis, Tennessee.

Did you know the cities in California are leading the list of places where a 6-digit salary is barely enough for the basics?

In May 2019, GoBankingRates published a study on how far a $100.000 pre-tax salary would go for covering the basics such as rent, groceries, utilities, driving costs, and health care. The analysis was carried out in the 50 largest cities in the U.S.

By the way, San Francisco was the only city where that 6-digit salary wasn’t enough for covering the basic costs.

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U.S. Cities with the Biggest Salaries

The average salary in the country, estimated across all occupations and all regions, makes up $50.620. Here’re 17 cities of the 50 biggest metro areas (by population) that represent the average biggest salaries:

  1. Birmingham, Alabama
  2. Memphis, Tennessee
  3. Cincinnati, Ohio
  4. Louisville, Kentucky
  5. Indianapolis, Indiana
  6. Sacramento, California
  7. Columbus, Ohio
  8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  9. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  10. Detroit, Michigan
  11. Cleveland, Ohio
  12. St. Louis, Missouri
  13. San Antonio, Texas
  14. Charlotte, North Carolina
  15. Buffalo, New York
  16. Las Vegas, Nevada
  17. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

On a side note, areas outside of Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston are among the top cities to live, but they’re extremely expensive.

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