In the present times, we see the ever-expanding, opioid epidemic, does not really make sense, to take into account, some, non-drug, options, to reduce or relieve pain, etc? although there are times, when pain relief medications, perhaps be required, and important, specially, in case of an accident, etc, create some acute problems, there are several times, when using narcotics/drugs, should be the least option to consider, as now pain relief alternatives have been explored. This wellness approach is crucial to understand and consider, so you perhaps be able to enjoy a healthy life with a minimum of side effects. With these aspects in mind, below are some of the vital alternative approaches, which perhaps be safely employed.

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It is an age-old, remedy which originated in the Asian region, and has been effectively employed for a wide range of ailments. This treatment is beneficial for treating all sorts of ailments, be it trisma in the jaw, or arthritis-related discomforts or pains. Using authentic acupuncture can help reduce pains in the shoulders, back, and knees albeit on a shorter-term basis. Nevertheless, these kinds of treatments considerably aid for a short period of time and as you receive the treatment, which addresses these, every three weeks or so.

Massage Treatments

When applied professionally, the massage therapy helps to address acute or chronic ailments for many people out there. When an individual gets massage treatment from a certified massage therapist, it usually helps relieve a lot of pain and discomfort.


Many people find topical ointments as a considerable pain relief source, using specific herbals, etc, salves and ointments, such as menthol, topical Lidocaine, Turmeric and several other herbs. On the other hand, you need to ensure that there are no such underlying causes, which perhaps require more aggressive approaches!

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The hemp oil or the CBD has been effectively used, both internally as well as topically either in the form of CBD gummies, herbal oils, vape treatments, etc have been commonly used as an alternative approach for pain relief and overall wellness. Some people do wonder and ask ‘is CBD legal in all 50 states?’ The fact of the matter is that the CBD that is derived via hemp is legal in all 50 states.

It is vital to open up your mind to all the prospects and learn more about the best pain relieving options to determine if any of these perhaps be able to help you treat pain and inflammation.