This year has been really profitable for some companies. One such company is Amazon. One can even say that it is the best year for the company.

The volume of sales has increased considerably this year because of the pandemic. Despite various issues, Amazon has managed to deal with the increasing volume.

The third-quarter proved to be really good for Amazon. And with the end of the season and Black Friday Sale, the company is going to perform well in the fourth quarter as well.

5 Performance Indicators Of Amazon’s Success:

Here are some of the indicators which clearly show that the company is doing quite well. Despite the fall in the value of Amazon stock in the third quarter, the company has huge chances for fourth-quarter performance.

Revenue Increased By 37%:

The revenue of the company is the biggest indicator of its success. The net quarterly revenue of Amazon is quite high. The sale increased by 37%, which in turns increased the revenue of the company. Wall Street has expected growth up t0 $92.7 billion. But Amazon has surpassed it. The sales reached $96.1 billion in this year. The reason why the values of stocks reduced is because of delay in Prime Day Sale. As Prime Day was postponed to the fourth quarter, the share pieces are surely going to rise.

Operating Income Increased By 94%:

Along with the revenue of the company, their operation income also increased. It increased to 94% in just a year. The income has grown to $6.2 billion. All the business segments of the company are performing really well. In quarter 3, the operating income of Amazon was quite amazing.

EPS Went Up By 192%:

EPS = Earnings per Share. This factor is very important for shareholders and investors. It shows how much money you will make from one share. The EPS has grown up to 192%. It reached $12.37. Most of the people were expecting a good EPS but not such a high growth rate. But Amazon proves them wrong once again.Success Of Company’s Stocks

Operating Cash Flow Up By 65%:

In order to run a business, you need cash flow. If there is no cash flow, the business cannot perform. However, Amazon’s operating cash flow is doing really well. The cash flow reached $55.3 billion in this year.

Fourth Quarter Revenue Growth:

The fourth quarter is still not over, but there are some hints about revenue growth. In the fourth quarter, revenue is expected to grow by 28% to 38%. It will increase the value of Amazon stock in the market.

These five indicators clearly show that Amazon is doing quite well in the market. You can check its cash flow at to verify that.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.