We, “J.T.THOMAS AND CO ” are a firm consisting of high level and skilled chartered Accountants Conwy. We provide individuals and business entities with services such as audit, counseling, lease agreement, tax rebate and other financial, legal and strategic services that are crucial for the survival of the entity in this rapidly changing modern Era. We have more than 40 years of professional experience, that means that we have a highly skilled, qualified and technical staff that can find the most innovative solutions to your problems.

Evergreen Investment

The business remains an evergreen investment if it is managed by professionals. I don’t think I need to tell you the importance of correctly recording financial data about your entity. All the sales purchases are relevant to this quota, if an entity does not record its data correctly it is likely to be shut down in the near future.

Safe Future for Your Business

Be a wise man and make a potent and prominent decision so that your company and your future will stay evergreen and it will become your greatest asset. What we can provide is far better than all the competitive players in the market with the best accountants north wales.

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Why Us for Finance and Investing?

Investing, is a term that many of you have already heard is not like a scheme that can get you money double, rather is a long term strategic plan that will most likely be the cause of you becoming successful in the near future. Most of the entrepreneurs out there have a consultancy firm that helps them guide about their investment. If you are a new guy and doesn’t know where to invest don’t worry we hare at “J.T. THOMAS AND CO” will help you select the best way for yourself our staff is well trained and well equipped to make such decisions, that are for your and your entity’s benefit in the long run.

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