Within commuting distance to London, many people like living in Kent. Because of its countryside and green landscape, the county is affectionately and commonly known as ‘The Garden of England’ and it is easy to see why. But with great surroundings and access to the city comes expense, particularly in terms of property prices. Here we look at the 5 most expensive towns in Kent in respect of average property prices counting down from five to top spot.


Westerham makes our most expensive list, as here the average property costs £431,000.

It is considered an market town with decent shops. It’s claim to fame is that Winston Churchill lived here.

Tunbridge Wells

Counting down to number four, we have Tunbridge Wells with an average cost of £445,000 for a property.

Also going by the name of Royal Tunbridge Wells it is considered pretty posh. The town has a historic feel. The Pantiles area is always worth a visit containing some boutique shops and historic pubs.


Making the top three is Edenbridge, with the price of an average home being £475,000.

Like Tunbridge Wells above, it comes with a lot of history. There is a thirteenth century Anglican Church of St Peter and St Paul within it and there are also a number of historic timbered buildings within the town.

5 Most Expensive Towns in Kent


Second on our top five is Cranbrook with an average cost for property of £491,000.

This market town previously was the centre of the Wealden cloth industry and grew prosperous on the back of the same. You can still see the Union Windmill built in 1814 in the town.


Top of our list for most expensive towns is Sevenoaks. A clear winner as the average cost here is over £600,000, over £100,000 more than second place Cranbrook.

Sevenoaks based on its location within Kent, is very popular with commuters to London so has a busy railway station. It also has great countryside featuring the picturesque Knole.

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